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Why am I up at this horrible hour? Thinking about Supernatural of course!

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May. 9th, 2008 | 05:29 am

I've been up so long that I'm ready to go back to sleep now. The dear husband had to be at work very early this morning and he's one of those who makes a LOT of noise when he's up, very inconsiderate of the rest of us trying to sleep. Coffee making, doors banging, microwave opening and closing and beeping, TV blaring. I think he's losing some of his hearing, the hazards of working around machinery for so many years.

Supernatural last night...I missed the first part, kids' ball practices, and was lost when I finally shoved everyone aside and stuck my nose to the TV. The doctor was suitably creepy and I'm assuming Sammy somehow wanted to save Dean from his soon-to-be-fate by using the doctor in some way. The side story with Bela was interesting and I always love seeing Bobby, but didn't everything seem awfully RUSHED? It's like the writers were trying to squeeze in some more info before the end of the season. I've heard that Bela won't be back next season and that certainly fits with the last time we see her.

Smallville anyone?

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