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A jumble of thoughts...

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Jul. 10th, 2008 | 08:12 am

Hello, hello. I need to wake up but I'm groggy this morning. I made pancakes! Haven't eaten them yet but I'll get around to it. No work for me today, I just wish I didn't still feel like crap. Some summer virus thing and my stomach still feels alarmingly weak.

I've already watched I am Legend on PPV and now they come back with an alternate ending? That really sucks. Maybe I can find it someplace on the Internet and watch it. I'm thinking the ending has to be better cause the original was kind of depressing.

Did I say I saw The Incredible Hulk? I did and it was AWESOME. And to think I'd been reluctant to see it.

I was watching about the volcano erupting in Hawaii...it's here:
Mount Kilauea Erupts. Fascinating sight. My mind just boggles at the idea that this was how Hawaii was formed over many, many years.

It rained yesterday evening, hopefully enough that I won't have to water anything. The soil is very dry because we had a drier winter and if I don't keep my bushes and shrubs watered they won't flower prettily next spring. I just can't be one of those people who have NOTHING in their yard except manicured grass. A friend of mine has that. I think she may have one tree in the front and maybe a small one on the side of the house but she didn't even plant them, her father-in-law did. Her husband mows every Saturday and it's a perfect expanse of green. She says it pleases her that she doesn't have to mess with anything outside and that she has no desire to grow anything. For me it's the complete opposite and when I try to explain the feeling I get when I'm planting and digging and watching things grow, she just looks at me like I've got three heads.

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