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Crappy day...

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Mar. 4th, 2008 | 10:12 pm

Today was...not the greatest. Work was aggravating, people were out sick (God, I hope I didn't give them that mess I had...guilt, guilt), and nothing would go quite right. Then driving home I'm almost to the gate and there's a spot on the side of the road...I can't see worth crap, my prescription needs changing again...and I get it into my head that it looks like my cat. I'm serious, my heart actually lurched in my chest and I was thinking that would just top off the shitty day for my baby to be run over on the road, even though I knew I'd left him inside unless somebody else had let him out though I've told them not to. But it wasn't him, it was some kind of wadded up paper type something, but I was unsettled for a while after that and would't let him outside though he begged very hard and then finally stalked off and got on the loveseat with his back to me. But I just felt it was the day to be careful.

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