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Review of Clone Wars episode, Hidden Enemy...

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Feb. 8th, 2009 | 10:26 am

*WARNING: Major spoilers for "Hidden Enemy"*

Here's my review of the "Hidden Enemy" episode I did for theclonewars. As always if I've missed something or goofed something up, let me know. Comments are welcome and I'd love to hear what you thought about the episode!

The first part of the episode was a little confusing to me so I may not be as accurate or detailed as I’d like to be about it. Also, sometimes I have a hard time telling which Clone is which with their helmets on and the color of their armor markings not showing up too well. The episode is supposed to occur right before events in The Clone Wars movie which puts it out of synch with what we’ve been watching. Why the powers-that-be over this show decided to do that, I don’t know.

When it begins the announcer says there are Separatist forces on Christophsis and the Jedi had been called for help. Anakin and Obi-Wan and the Clones are watching the droid army advance and intend to ambush them. Obi-Wan is in the South Tower with troops and Anakin and Rex and troops are in the North Tower. Obi-Wan watches through his binoculars as Slick and some other clones enter the room. They notice the droids have brought tanks. The droids pull a fast one on them and split up. Almost immediately after, droids enter the room they’re in and everybody’s shooting and Obi-Wan’s swinging his lightsaber. He says to abort the mission and retreat.

Anakin comms to find out what’s going on and Obi-Wan says he and the others are cut off from escape. Anakin calls Hawk for help and the gunship and an E-Vac at the South Tower. Rex points out that they (meaning him and Anakin and clones) are in the North Tower. But Anakin doesn’t intend to be there long. He cuts a big X on the window and busts it out, then calls for cables. They’re fired across to the other building and he, Rex, and clones slide from one tower to the other amidst lots of laser fire. At least one clone doesn’t make it and falls to his death. Anakin leaps around like crazy until he ends up with Obi-Wan. There’s no Ahsoka by the way, remember BEFORE THE MOVIE. When Obi-Wan asks how he got there, Anakin replies that he improvised.

Anakin, Obi-Wan, and everybody else cram into an elevator and go up to the roof. For some unknown reason they do not sabotage the elevator so it soon spits out a bunch of droids, blasters firing away. The gunship arrives to rescue them. One Clone (Rex?) chops off the tactical droid’s head and takes it with him to figure out how the droids learned of their ambush plan.

Later the clones examine the droid head and listen to details about them being in the Towers and even what level they’d be on. R2-D2 watches. Anakin and Obi-Wan join the group with Anakin wondering how they could have left themselves open for attack. Obi-Wan doesn’t think that’s how it was calls spy. Cody is surprised and asks who’d want to betray them to the Seppies.

Obi-Wan decides he and Anakin go behind enemy lines to investigate, leaving Rex and Cody in charge of figuring out who might have been spying and giving away secrets. He tells them it’s confidential and no one’s to know of their mission. After the Jedi leave, Cody notices a comlink that’s been left on. He tells Rex someone has been listening to everything that was said. Rex looks out into the hallway and sees a figure slipping away but it’s too shadowy to tell who it is. He yells for the figure to stop and he and Cody takes off after him. They split up and take separate corridors and meet up again in front of the mess hall. They enter the mess hall where several clones are sitting around the room eating. Rex points out that they have a problem since there are only brothers in the mess hall. They decide to keep their suspicions to themselves and contact Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Meanwhile, Anakin and Obi-Wan are zooming along through the city on their BARC speeders. They’re being watched by droids which seems to indicate they’re expected.

Cody tells Rex he’s unable to contact the Jedi, someone’s jamming their communications. Rex calls R2 over and tells him to plug in to find out who’s been getting messages through to the Separatists.

Anakin and Obi-Wan are still being watched by the droids. Anakin notices and says they’ve picked up some friends and maybe their adversary has learned of their mission. They want them to make it to the Separatist headquarters so they must be planning a trap. (I thought these parts were a little lame, I think a better scenario could have been thought up besides “going behind enemy lines to investigate”)

R2 finds a weak frequency that had gone unnoticed before and that could have been used to communicate with the Separatists. They discover the signal is coming from Sergeant Slick’s barracks and only his men would have access to that terminal. Rex comments that Slick’s not going to like that and Cody agrees but says if one of those men is giving away their intel then they have to find him.

Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive at the Separatist headquarters where it’s much too quiet and deserted looking. So what do they do? They casually walk in.

Rex and Cody inform Sergeant Slick about their discovery. Naturally upset, Slick says it can’t be one of his men. The men walk up since Rex and Cody had already called them in. A determined Rex says they have to get to the bottom of it. Slick wants to talk to his men alone first, saying it will hit them hard since they trust each other, but Cody nixes that idea, tells the men to sit and informs them that there is a turncoat and he thinks it’s one of them.

As soon as they get inside Separatist headquarters, Anakin and Obi-Wan run into a cloaked and hooded Asajj Ventress. Obi-Wan comments, “And here I thought this mission would be unpleasant.” Ventress replies, “The pleasure’s all mine, my dear Obi-Wan. I’ve missed you.” (I know they’ve semi-flirted before but they talk like two people with a relationship-type history.) Ventress doesn’t even address Anakin. She removes her cloak while Obi-Wan watches her thoughtfully. (Oh yeah, he’s definitely interested.)

Rex and Cody question Slick’s men. The first one Rex quizzes is Jester (hair, a funny spot of beard on his chin and spotted sideburns) who is VERY nervous and twitchy, practically wring his hands. He says he did what he always did after a mission, he cleaned his gun. One of the others comments that it’s what Jester always does. Cody asks did he go on the computer and Jester says no, he didn’t even power it up. Cody looks at his weapon and it proves to be clean. Then he questions Punch (also dark smooth hair and beard just on his chin kind of in a triangle shape) who says he was hungry and went to the mess hall. Sketch (smooth hair and longer skinny sideburns) went with him and there were others in the mess hall who could confirm that. Gus (bald with little squares of beard on his jawline) says he was in the infirmary where a med droid was fixing his wounded arm. Cody looks at his bandaged arm. Rex asks Chopper (one of the bald ones) what his alibi is and he looks major guilty. He claims he was in the mess hall too but one of the others (maybe Sketch?) jumps up and says no, Chopper came in much later than they did. Slick looks worried and Chopper looks scared.

Back at Separatist HQ, Ventress ignites her two red lightsabers and Anakin and Obi-wan turn theirs on too. She turns and leaps up a staircase, turning back to face the two Jedi. Ventress gets a dig in when she says her loyal informant let her know they were coming. Obi-Wan thanks her for her hospitality but Anakin leaps up the stairs to engage her in a fight.

Rex and Cody continue to question Chopper about his whereabouts and he’s very evasive. He finally admits he was hiding at the south exit so no one would see him stringing together battle droid fingers. (ewww…I know they’re metal but I kept thinking of fat sausage human fingers, guess I watch too many horror movies) which is apparently greatly frowned upon. Chopper says he wanted something back, he felt the droids owed him something. Gus makes the ugly comment that he always knew there was something deficient about Chopper. Slick tells Chopper it isn’t good, lying and taking forbidden items from a battlefield. (I don’t get this, if it was humans or other living beings who’d been killed on the battlefield then I’d understand why it was so “forbidden” to collect parts.) Slick crosses his arms over his chest and it’s obvious he doesn’t care for/like Chopper as much as the other guys, says he put up with Chopper’s attitude because he had skill but if he’d break the rules then his character was in question. Chopper hops up and claims he was no spy.

Anakin and Obi-wan fight back and forth with Ventress but never quite get the upper hand. Hmmm, the two best Jedi together can’t best her. She makes a few things fly at Obi-Wan and he cleaves them in half with his lightsaber.

Slick says they’re all brothers but how can he trust anything Chopper says now. Slick puts his hand on his shoulder and says he’d get a proper investigation and he doesn’t have to say anything until the Jedi come back. Chopper roughly shrugs Slick’s hand off his shoulder and says maybe Slick should tell them where HE went. Chopper says he was at the south exit and he saw Slick. Everyone else went towards the barracks but Slick went towards the command center. Slick looks around at the others and says obviously “the kid” feels cornered. But Cody asks what did Slick mean about when the Jedi come back (ooops, Slick wasn’t suppose to know they went on their little mission.) Everyone looks REAL interested in hearing what Slick has to say about that. Slick says he wishes Cody hadn’t noticed that, punches him, sends another clone flying, and runs out the door.

Ventress still plays with Anakin and Obi-Wan.

Rex and Cody go looking for Slick. They notice someone’s out by the gunships and take off in that direction as the gunships begin exploding. Rex and Cody escape harm. Then the weapons depot is taken out. Rex says Slick’s not trying to escape, he knows all their moves before they make them.

“Give up, Ventress.” Says Obi-Wan. (Now why would she do that?) “I’m all yours, Obi-Wan,” she replies. (This talk sent a gazillion plot bunnies scampering around my head.) Ventress is sitting calmly on the floor. Anakin and Obi-Wan, not being at their brightest during this episode, walk towards her. She ignites her sabers under the floor and the ground cuts away beneath them and they fall down. And they didn’t fall like the graceful little Jedi they are suppose to be. No, they went splat very hard on their backs on a lower floor. Ventress looks down at them and says they’ve served their purpose. Anakin has finally caught on (lightbulb!) that she just lured them away so something bad can take place back at the command post (center? base?). Obi-Wan says it’s already too late and that it’s hard to know whom to trust these days. (uhhh, I can suggest one person you shouldn’t trust Obi-Wan, no matter how taken you are with her bald beauty.) He says, “Bringing us here was a mistake, my sweet,” and Anakin looks at him like gag. Obi-Wan then tells her she’s overestimated her abilities. (Uh huh, that’s why they had to team up against her.) Ventress takes off running and busts through a window, Anakin and Obi-Wan right behind her, only to discover the droid army in wait. “Come and get me, boys!” she says. (Hey, she noticed Anakin was there!) “You didn’t tell me you were bringing friends,” says Obi-Wan. “Poor Obi-Wan, you’ve been betrayed,” she says and she has these weird wrinkles between her eyes instead of across her forehead where they should be. Ventress says she will take control of the world, meaning Christophsis.

Rex and Cody watch the gunships burn. (Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put them out?) One of the clones comes up and says Slick was seen going back into the command center. They tell him to stay there and seal off the perimeter and they take off to the command center.

Anakin leaps down and chops at some kind of support to the big round thing Ventress is standing on. Obi-Wan tags along. Then they’re all three fighting as the thing falls. Anakin and Obi-Wan snag two of the droids’ STAPs and fly away. Ventress tells the others to prepare to take over the city. She tells a tactical droid to have General Loathesome to delay the Jedi as long as possible so she can execute her master’s plan.

Rex and Cody go inside the command center with guns drawn to search for Slick. Slick’s hiding behind the vent in the ceiling watching them. Rex and Cody realize quickly where he’s at and have a big fake conversation so they can lure him out after Cody leaves a gun out in plain sight. Slick slips out and gets it and comes up behind Cody who smugly tells him the gun’s empty. Rex points his own gun at him. Slick hollers that he’s not the traitor, they all are. He gets free, knocking away their guns but they tackle him. CLONE FIGHT! Slick rattles on saying they all blindly follow orders but at least he got something out of all the suffering. He manages to get on top of Cody, hitting away at him, but Rex comes up behind him and pins his arms. Rex says Slick sold out his brothers for some shiny coin. They butt heads and wrestle around some more. Slick grabs Rex’s leg and twists and we hear a big crunch. Slick says yes, Ventress offered him money but also offered him something more important – freedom. Cody knocks him out. They handcuff him and Rex says his freedom will have to wait. Anakin and Obi-Wan enter the room and Obi-Wan is surprised that the traitor was Slick.

Later Anakin says to Slick how he couldn’t be more of a disappointment and how could he do that to his brothers. (now that was creepy for Anakin to be asking that question) and Slick answers that only a Jedi would ask that and Jedi keep the clones enslaved, doing their bidding, and serving at their whim. Slick says he wanted something more than that. (I kept expecting Anakin to pipe up with something else, after all he was a slave during his early years, but he didn’t.) Rex tells Slick he put them all at risk but Slick says he loves his brothers, they’re just too blind to see it. He was striking a blow for all clones. (By causing some of them to get killed? What did he think would happen when the Separatists came after them and they had no gunships or weapons? Heelllooo…clone deaths.) Cody says if he loved his brothers he wouldn’t have put them at risk. Slick’s taken to lockup. Obi-Wan asks if any of their weapons were salvaged from the weapons depot. Rex says Slick scorched everything, seemed to be what he meant to do all along. Cody says they did save the heavy cannons. Obi-Wan says that’s good because there were about 1000 battle droids on their way there.

And there it all ended kind of abruptly and don’t look for a continuation next week. This story took place right before the Clone Wars movie. I don’t know why they just stuck it in the middle of the other episodes. They could have at least given a warning that it was out of line or called it a flashback or SOMETHING.

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