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My review for The Clone Wars episode "Trespass"...

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Jan. 31st, 2009 | 04:52 pm
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*SPOILERS!!!* This is a review of the last episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Trespass." I don't often write reviews but wanted to with this episode. You'll have to overlook any spelling errors, sometimes names are hard to catch and I'm horrible at remembering names for different ships and other equipment. But if you haven't seen the episode and don't want to know what it's about then...DON'T LOOK!

First of all, I was very excited about this episode because Obi-Wan and Anakin are back together and because it reminded me of The Empire Strikes Back, I still remember sitting mesmerized watching the scenes on Hoth when I was a kid. There was Captain Rex and other clonetroopers but no Ahsoka, Padme, or other Jedi. C-3PO and R2-D2 came along for the ride.

It began with them arriving on the ice planet Orto Plutonium Plutonia. The Jedi, the clones, and the people from Pantora, a nearby moon. There's the beautiful little blue-skinned dewey-eyed Senator Riyo Chuchi. But if you're thinking she's like Senator Amidala, you would be incorrect. She's very soft-spoken, almost timid. The bully is Chairman Chi Cho, a hatchet-faced a****** if there ever was one. He wants the planet. There doesn't seem to be a specific reason beyond the fact that he just wants it and thinks he should get everything he wants.

Their ships arrive at what was a Republic base. Obi-Wan and Anakin are decked out in matching snow suits and gear and accompanied by Rex, the clones, and the droids. Another ship spits out the group from Pantora including the delicate little Senator and the pain in the ass Chairman. There are guards with them but they don't have much to say in the show. Apparently Orto Plutonia is uninhabited so Pantora claims it and had previously asked for the Republic outpost to be put there though I missed it if anybody said why.

There's some political chitchat with the Chairman telling the Senator what to. Obi-Wan and Anakin don't seem too impressed with him but don't argue about it either and I would have thought Anakin would have been more vocal about it and more protective of the Senator. But he just chilled in his ruffled hood. Anakin's left to guard the Senator and the others go into the outpost. The first sight they see are clone helmets stuck on top of pikes, not a very good sign. The Chairman starts ranting about Separatists taking over. They keep looking and find a bunch of dead clones in another room. Obi-Wan disagrees with Cho's Separatist ideas though because he said the killers didn't bother the computers.

The clone scouts tell Rex they've spotted a droid base. Then they're off on the snow speeder bikes which was highly entertaining to watch with all the scenery zipping by. When they get to the other base, there're droid heads mounted on pikes. Anakin and Rex putter around outside with some kind of sensors and Anakin finds a huge sasquatch unknown footprint and Obi-Wan tells him to make a cast of it. Hee. Inside Obi-Wan and the others had found more droids minus their heads. Obi-Wan finds a holo of a droid fighting an unnown creature.

They go back to the other station and Cho wants it back up and running to protect them from the Separatists. Even though they've found no evidence of them being the ones that did all the killing. Cho is such an idiot. The Senator doesn't agree, she can see there's no evidence of Separatist involvement, rather it must be someone native to the planet and therefore they can be peacefully negotiated with, but she still won't stand up to Cho even though he criticizes everything she says. Why she didn't pick up one of those pikes and club him across the side of his head I'll never understand...oh yeah, peaceful, be peaceful, even though Cho looks like the type to shoot first and ask questions later.

Obi-Wan and Anakin make their way to a canyon, noticing they were being watched. They keep going to a village where these big hairy creatures with the pikes (spears?) live. They are Talz and ride narglatches which look like big cats on super steroids with too many teeth. The Jedi aren't attacked and they meet with the chief. They go into a hut and draw stone pictures trying to communicate. Anakin draws a picture showing peace between them (somebody needs to keep that...primitive drawing by a younger Darth Vader) and Obi-Wan gets a big bear hug when they get ready to leave.

But all is not right with the world. Cho doesn't want to hear about peace, he wants to kill the "trespassers" on his newly acquired planet. Obi-Wan calmly explains that the Talz are native to the planet and just want to be left alone, the droids harassed them and the clones just happened to get caught in the middle. Senator Chuchi says if the Talz were already there then the Senate would have to decide. Cho is still on his "kill the savages" loop. Obi-Wan says he'd agreed to a peaceful meeting between the Talz and the Pantorans. But wonderful Chairman Cho wants the clones along for protection. They go on the snow speeder bikes and all meet at the Separatist base. Cho keeps being an ass, ordering the clones around. You know, Rex had his helmet on the entire time but I could swear I could read his mind and he was thinking "Let's knock him in the head and bury him in the snow, nobody'll ever miss him."

Anyway, they all meet, C-3PO translates for the Talz chief who just wants peace and to be left alone. But Cho does his usual insulting best and everybody ends up fighting. Cho tries to order Rex around but Rex says they're there to protect him and not fight but unfortunately they all end up fighting. Rex gets unhorsed and Cho gets stabbed in the back. Darn. Rex, being much more loyal than I would have been, slings Cho across his bike and takes off. I thought maybe the Chairman would fly off when they hit a sharp turn but no such luck.

Back at the station, the Senator has called home and whoever she talked to agreed Cho was out of line and give her the go ahead to negotiate peacefully with the Talz. The wishy-washy Senator thinks she'll get Obi-Wan to negotiate for her but he politely declines.

The clones have been trapped but Obi-Wan and the others arrive in the gunships. Senator Chuchi tries to talk to Cho but even dying he's unreasonable and wants her to avenge his death. Uhhh...no. She takes his hat (kind of looks like one of those flat-topped biker hats) and a spear/pike and marches over to the Talz chieftan and places the hat on top of the spear after sticking it in the ground. The Chief sticks his in the snow. Peace! Chuchi says they'll leave Orto Plutonia to the Talz. Then everybody goes their own merry way.

Overall, a pretty good episode. The only thing that bugged me was that Anakin acted like he was in la-la land half the time. He was so calm, it just wasn't natural. Even when Obbi-Wan told him to shut up he didn't argue back. Maybe he was daydreaming of Padme. Or distracted by Obi-Wan in his snow suit. But hey, did you hear his "most impressive" comment? It took me a minute to remember that was a Vader line. Hee. I'm extremely glad Chairman Cho will never be back. Senator Chuchi needs to spend some time with Padme and learn a bit about aggresive negotiations.

Comments and agreements and disagreements welcome!

Also posted to theclonewars.

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