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Here lie spoilers for SCC and Heroes...cover your eyes if you object!

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Oct. 6th, 2008 | 09:24 pm

Sarah Connor Chronicles continued wonderfully...well, except for Sarah stuck with babysitting duties again. Not that it isn't somewhat interesting to see her in a different light but enough's enough. Loved the flashback scenes. Poor John is so trapped though. I know he's taken a lot of bashing recently for his lousy attitude...but...he's a teenager and they're often moody and unlikeable...and, most importantly of all...this kid's trapped with a future he doesn't want. His life's already planned for him and that must be an awful feeling.

Heroes was slightly confusing. But then I was more than slightly sleepy and could possibly have missed a few minor details. Does anybody ship Sylar/Claire? Or am I the only twisted one?

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