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Mold in the nose...I don't think so

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Aug. 1st, 2008 | 10:38 pm

A friend of mine says she has mold in her sinuses. Mold. And here's me listening all big-eyed with my nose red and pouring buckets. I mean really...is that possible? I know she's had sinus problems from hell the past year but can mold really grow there and is it the same kind we see growing on other things? Surely not. Anyway, I'm practically drinking Robitussin by the cupful (not really though it does seem that way cause it tastes NASTY) and that's why I'm a faucet but, believe it or not, that's preferable to thinking my head's exploding from the pressure and breathing through my mouth so much that my mouth has a split behind my lower lip.

I know my flist just loves all this personal info about my health calamities...:)

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