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Jul. 27th, 2008 | 10:07 pm

Well, we were going to see Hellboy II this evening but my sister, who has absolutely no imagination, didn't want to so we ended up eating Italian which I usually don't but I must have been feeling mellow today. Now I wish I'd gone to see the movie. Doesn't Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Ron Perlman, play in it? And dear sister used to watch that show, I remember that well. Friday's was when it came on and that was grocery evening and we were always in a hurry to get home to see the show. And tacos, my mom would make them and mix the refried beans in with the meat. They were wonderful. And every time I've tried to make them like that they've tasted like crap. Thinking back now, I wonder why there wasn't more fuss when Catherine became pregnant with Vincent's child. It just seems like something the...well, I can't remember the right name...but those who always fuss about some things on TV, like gay characters or too much skin showing or something.

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