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Tired tonight...

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Jul. 25th, 2008 | 09:07 pm

I am tired. I have a friend in the hospital getting all kinds of tests run on her kidneys and went to sit with her for a couple of hours. She was kind of groggy at first but perked up a bit after they finally brought her something to eat. I didn't realize before how pale and thin she's been getting but maybe the doctors will figure out how to help her.

What's on tonight? Don't know. hey, I found a new show I like, Flashpoint. I think it was on CBS. Don't know any of the actors but they're really great. Looked around and found a community, flashpoint_fans and joined.

And I saw Dark Knight! Very good, and I liked Christian Bale's "Bruce" better in this one than the previous. Just something about the look in his eyes. I also liked the new girl, can't pull her name up right now. And of course now I'm seeing why everyone's saying Heath Ledger should get an Oscar. The only thing I didn't like was the inaccuracy of Harvey Dent's injury...a person with burns like that is not going to be up and running around and that's not how it would look and there would be lots of swelling and seepage...and I'm probably grossing somebody out.

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