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Ugly legs and reading and movies...

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Jul. 1st, 2008 | 07:53 am

How can it be July already? I feel like I'm on the fast train to somewhere and I want to get off for a while.

My legs are STILL sunburned from a few days ago when I went swimming with a friend. I had used sunscreen often but apparently I now need to use the super duper extra strength kind or just stay out of the sun altogether. And I don't tan pretty anymore, my skin is just weird now. Anyway, the sunburn doesn't really hurt anymore, it's just still puffy and red in places and I can't shave my legs which is making me nutty.

I picked up a couple of books at a carport sale. A New Jedi Order book I didn't have, one of the Dark Tide ones, can't remember which ones and the first book Vector Prime. I was very pleased and parked them in the shelf by my others. My sister was staring at them one day when she was over and said wasn't I a little old to read that stuff. I said no and apparently quite a lot of people agree with my taste for them since Star Wars novels are often on the best seller lists. She's a non-reader anyway. I think she's read one book in the past three years and only because she was curious about the author having the same odd last name as our grandmother's maiden name. And she said she liked the book, an excellent mystery, but she wasn't tempted to read anymore. I don't know...maybe I was adopted and the family hasn't told me yet cause I really don't have much in common with them.

I wanted to see The Happening but missed it. I'm not sure if I want to see Hancock, the character kind of grated on my nerves during the preview. Hellboy II looks interesting but I'm leery of trying it, I'm afraid it'll be silly. Batman needs to hurry and get here along with The Mummy.

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