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I got it...

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Feb. 26th, 2008 | 07:49 pm

Ha! I got my book...the month's not a total loss after all. Of course I'm talking about Revelation. I haven't even skimmed through it yet, just stared at it. Don't you love new books? The cover's so bright and shiny and I love the way they smell. But not the books I check out from the library, they usually smell like stale cigarette smoke and even the pages turn drab. I suppose Death Star's not out in paperback yet? Should have bought it in hardcover but I was afraid I wouldn't like it, now the store doesn't have anymore.

I'm tired, still not over last week, and I'm seriously thinking about going to bed early even though it seems a shame not to read my book after I drove completely across town to get it.

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