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SPOILERS for Supernatural and others...BE WARNED

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Oct. 9th, 2008 | 11:59 pm
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Oh, I just thought the previous Supernatural shows were good. This was the best episode yet which is strange to say because it was the most stomach turning one yet too...

Dean being so upset that he hit Sam, not once but twice, was...shocking, unsettling, and...welcome. Sam needs a little sense knocked into him cause he's been treading on dangerous ground. I almost started crying though at the raw emotion on both boys' faces.

The "monster" part though was squicky. All that chomping on food and then later on poor Travis. My stomach was doing flips. Wasn't it all just a bit overdone? Some things are best left to the imagination.

But all the brotherly moments...that's what made me love the show. Sam's weird shell he's been wearing cracked open. He's not used to Dean being that mad at him, or that hurt by what he did.

I caught the last half hour of Smallville, hoping to catch a glimpse of Sam Witwer's new character but it was not to be, instead...

The elevator scene. The opened shirt. All the touching and heavy breathing and Lois' face when the doors opened. I honestly never though Clark could interest me again. I've been mad at him for years and have only kept up with the show because of Lex, Oliver, and Chloe. But that chest...

And he definitely did not like Lois seeing him with another woman. And she looked like she was blindsided by a semi.

And CSI...oh, wow. This was Grissom's best show. He was powerless and it hurt.

Grissom sitting in that alley holding Warwick's body was one of the saddest things I've seen on the show. Catherine's jerky walk down the alley to the scene was a close second.

And Sara came back! At least for a little while. But she looks different. Her hair's different, too old for her, and she wasn't wearing "Sara" clothes.

The end was chilling with Greg wanting so bad to end the life of the scum who murdered his friend. If it had been me, I think I'd have been tempted to put a few well-placed kicks in the guy's hopefully busted ribs.

Grissom choking up at the funeral...this guy's hurting. It's like he's lost a child and there was nothing he could do to fix it.

And I watched Eleventh Hour. This show hasn't gotten near enough publicity. It was GOOD. Rufus Sewell was great as Jacob Hood. Big chemistry with his co-star too (uh...and the cop who was helping them...:])I found eleventhhour_us which has some information about the show.

And...yes, I was staying awake on Dr. Pepper and determination...I watched Life on Mars and I liked it, unexpectedly funny, and the lead guy much more likeable (and cute!) than he was in previews of the show I'd seen. The woman cop though, the one in 1973, was too...I don't know...more like from the 50's or something, I don't know how to explain it. Not a bad character, she has possibilities, but her cutesy attitude grated on my nerves after a while. I much preferred possibly kidnapped-and-dead present day girlfriend, I can't think of her name but it'll eventually swim to the surface, she was from The Cosby Show. Check out lifeonmars_tv.

How am I going to watch this many shows every Thursday? I'm exhausted already...:)

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