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Bits and pieces of my Saturday...

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Sep. 27th, 2008 | 10:51 pm

I cleaned out my closet today. At least better than I usually do. Packed up two big bags of stuff to go to a local organization that helps homeless or displaced families. I save things forever but some of this I finally acknowledged I would never wear and I couldn't think of anyone who wore the right sizes. And some of this still had tags on it. I was just dumbfounded by how much money I've wasted.

Then this evening while it was cool I raked up...to the dismay of my offspring...several nice piles of leaves and pine straw. You never heard such whining. Kids today are so lazy. Now notice I'm not saying they're not smart, they are very smart, but they're lazy and don't want to do anything inside or out that might have to do with cleaning. I told them that if they thought they were going to grow up and be rich enough to hire somebody to do all the work around their house, then I wanted to move in with them.

And our poor high school football team has, as of last night, lost at least 5 games in a row. They look discouraged. Heck, I'm discouraged for them, though I'd never say it to them. And they're not just losing, they're getting STOMPED every time.

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