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I think it could possibly be Monday morning which means I have to go to work...

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Sep. 29th, 2008 | 05:36 am

Well, at least it was a nice calm weekend with no strange surprises. That's what I need right now...calmness. I do not want to argue over some nitpicky nothing. I do not want to "discuss" the same situation for the thousandth time. I want all people with their 800 and 888 numbers and their five minute long recorded messages to quit goofing up my answering machine. And I thought they weren't allowed to call on Sundays? Apparently that's changed.

Last night I stayed up to watch You've Got Mail. I love this movie! I couldn't find anything else that interested me enough to watch before that. Tonight's another story, however. Sarah Connor Chronicles, Prison Break, and Heroes. And something else too but it's slipped my mind for the moment.

But I after work I need to go to the dry cleaner's, pay a couple of bills, and pick up some stuff at the grocery store. It'll be hard to get back and comfortable before 7:00 but I'm going to attempt it. And no husband! He's working out of town and I won't have to listen to him moan and fuss because of what I like to watch. He's just jealous anyway and wants all attention on himself. Why, I don't know, I've watched him snore before, I can find better things to look at.

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from: freckledmemory
date: Sep. 30th, 2008 12:10 pm (UTC)

I've been flooded with those junk calls too, everything from changing my satelite system to credit cards to casino ads to insurance. Do they really increase their business doing this? It just makes me want to stay away from whatever they're pushing at me.

You've Got Mail is one of the best romance/comedy movies.:)

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